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BeMiTec produces high-power Gallium nitride (GaN) based transistors for microwave power applications in the L-band frequency range. A highly linear power transistor with 20 W saturated output power (at 2 GHz) is offered as a prototype. X-band power MMICs are in preparation.

The power transistors are mounted in a Kyocera microwave package. It is also possible to use housings made to other specifications.

In order to achieve the maximum output power of the transistor, the input and output must be terminated by optimal impedance values. This requires dedicated measurement equipment (load-pull). Therefore an evaluation board was developed to provide a simple method of transistor characterization. It can be used to test the performance of the transistors in a 50-Ohm environment. This board is available to customers.

Data sheet 20 W S-band power bars

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